1600 Calorie Meal Plan

Our 1600 calorie meal plan is designed for simply losing weight. However, the goal is not to lose mere weight, but to cut body fat. There’s a difference.

You want to give you body the nutrients it needs to boost your metabolism, making your body naturally burn fat throughout the day. In other words, even though this is a low calorie meal plan, you won’t be starving yourself.

The below 1600 calorie meal plan consists of well-balanced meals. We’re not fans of low-carb diets. We believe in restricting certain carbohydrates but your body needs some in order to function properly and to maintain healthy energy levels. You won’t be overindulging in any one area, rather you’ll be getting just enough essential nutrition to lose weight and be healthy.

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4 Weight Loss Meals

Meal 1:

2 egg whites

1 whole egg

1 turkey sausage

1 serving of oatmeal

1 slice of Ezekiel toast

Meal 2:

4-6 ounces of skinless boneless chicken breast

1 serving of brown rice

1 serving of broccoli

Meal 3:

1 cup of Greek yogurt

1 serving of almonds

Meal 4:

4-6 ounces of fish or lean turkey meat

1 sweet potato

1 serving of green vegetables

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Foods that Help You Lose Weight

This meal plan is approximately 1600 calories for the day. As you can see your largest meal is your first meal of the day (breakfast). Your second meal is lunch and there is a snack between lunch and dinner.

You could probably even throw in a 5th meal if you were to make one or more of the other meals a little smaller. Eating often helps keep your metabolism high, which you’ll find in our 1600 calorie diet.

If your goal is to lose weight you should definitely be exercising 3-4 times per week. Although cardio is obviously needed for losing weight don’t neglect the importance of resistance training. The more lean muscle you have the more efficient your body will become at burning fat. 30 minuted of cardio followed by 20 minutes of resistance training should work.