SHRED360 Review

One of the things you have to look out for with fat burners is that some of them can have an adverse effect on your hard-earned muscle. Many of these types of supplements are geared towards weight loss. The truth is there’s a tremendous different in losing weight and burning body fat. With that we’d like to introduce our Shred360 review.

AS Research Shred360 is a potent supplement that increases your metabolism by breaking up fat cells and using them for energy. There are no jitters or crash like many other fat burners. Shred360 provides a smooth release of energy while enhancing your focus. This is especially helpful during high intensity workouts.  Another claim we found in our Shred360 review is that it helps reduce cravings for junk food.



ASR SHRED360 Review - Fat Burner

ASR Shred360 Review Results

In our Shred360 review one of the first things we noticed was sustained energy throughout the day. Although there’s no jitters, you definitely know you’re taking something when you’re on Shred360. By the end of the second week you’re really starting to lean out and notice cuts you didn’t think you had. Your body compositions starts to take a drastic turn at this point. While you may find yourself losing weight, you’re not losing muscle. We noticed that our strength was still up even with losing weight and body fat.

We also found in our Shred360 review that it not only acts as a fat burner but it can also replace your pre workout supplement. This is one of the few that actually does quite well at enhancing your focus and concentration in the gym. This means you can pump out more reps and train longer without getting fatigued. If you’re a weight lifter just wanting to burn some fat or a bodybuilder training for a competition, you don’t have to worry about losing your hard-earned muscle. Fitness models and physique competitors would benefit greatly from Shred360 to bring out muscle definition, getting cut and shredded.

Are there any negatives points in our Shred360 review? We’ve never know anyone to experience negative side-effects. The only downside is you may find it a bit more pricy than other typical fat burners. However, AS Research has some awesome deals when you purchase more than one bottle. So you really come out saving money in the long run if you buy in bulk.

Shred360 Ingredients

Below you’ll see a hefty list of ingredients on the Shred360 label. We normally skeptical when we see such a list. However, if you’ve done any due diligence in studying supplement labels then you will have heard of most every ingredient here. And if you were to do research on each individual ingredient listed you would find that there are studies backing up their effectiveness for burning fat, increasing energy, and boosting metabolism.

AS Research Shred360 LabelVitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Chromium (TRAACS Chromium Nicotinate Glycinate Chelate), LIPOMAX – Green Tea, Green Coffee Extract, Raspberry Ketones, Evodia Extract, Naringin, Cayenne Pepper, Synephedrine HCI, Black Pepper Powder, HYPERFOCUS – DMAE, Caffeine Anhydrous, N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, Yerbe Mate, Huperzine



SHRED360 Review - Label Ingredients

The conclusion in our ASR Shred360 review is that it’s far more than just a fat burner. This powerful supplement covers a lot of areas such as boosting energy for workouts, sustainable energy throughout the day, boosts metabolism, brings out muscle definition, and suppresses ‘bad’ cravings. Shred360 has a variety of uses as well.

If you’re a bodybuilder training for a competition you can take it to get into top condition without losing muscle. If you’re a fitness model or physique competitor this will bring out the extreme cuts and definition. If you’re a weight lifter and just want to keep your body fat down. If you’re an athlete that needs focus and sustainable energy. Or if you’re just wanting to lose weight and get into better shape. Whatever your goals are, our Shred360 review proves this is one of the top fat burners that can help you attain them.