Animal Cuts Review

Universal Nutrition Animal Cuts reviewAnimal Cuts is considered one of the long-standing fat burners as its from one of the most reputable supplement companies around. Universal Nutrition has always had an extreme following, making their presence known with Animal Pak in the late 70’s. Their fat burner Animal Cuts is said to carry the same integrity and proven formula as their entire line of supplements. So there’s some excitement in presenting our Animal Cuts review.

Animal Cuts was designed specifically for bodybuilders and physique competitors. It’s advertised to greatly enhance body composition so that your muscle definition and cuts are prevalent. The goal is to grant that shredded and peeled look that you see on stage, showing off your striations and lean muscle. Animal Cuts also acts as an appetite suppressant to help eliminate junk food cravings.

Animal Cuts Review Results

Animal Cuts is another fat burner you can expect to feel working from day one. The increased energy is insane. You could even use Animal Cuts in place of your pre workout. With the amount of energy we expected a crash, but there is no crash with this fat burning supplement. We also noticed cravings for junk food were drastically reduced.

After the first couple of weeks during our Animal Cuts review we started noticing improved body composition and fat melting away. Muscle definition was greater and those striations were visible (abs were popping out as well). You shouldn’t expect to use Animal Cuts if your goal is to gain muscle. This will be almost impossible with the appetite suppressing effects. Also, the cleaner you eat, the better Animal Cuts will work.

Pros: Great for getting cut, promotes that ripped and shredded look, compliments your cutting diet, and a good choice if you want to maintain your hard earned muscle while dieting.

Cons: Energy boosting effects may wear off after a few weeks.

Universal Nutriton Animal Cuts Ingredients

There are eight different complexes found on the Animal Cuts label. Though we’re not listing all of the ingredients within each complex in our Animal Cuts review, you can look these up online to do your own research. It’s clear that every angle of fat burning is covered here.

Animal Cuts Label

> Stimulant Complex
> Metabolic Complex
> Thyroid Complex
> Water Shedding Complex
> Nootropic Complex
> Cortisol Inhibiting Complex
> CCK Boosting Complex
> Bioavailability Complex

Final Comments – Animal Cuts

Our extensive Animal Cuts review shows that this is indeed one of the more powerful fat burners on the market. Universal Nutrition has a solid reputation and has been around longer than most companies. Animal Cuts is certainly worth trying in your cutting cycle but be sure to also  check out our top 3 recommended fat burners.

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